Wisdom Teeth in Arlington TX

It is not uncommon for the last molars to break through the gum line to become problematic. In fact, these third molars, often referred to as the wisdom teeth, are known for becoming impacted or painful. The team of Rush Creek Dentistry in Arlington, TX works with patients to help them better understand the process of wisdom tooth eruption, and in some cases, will educate them on the advantages of having these teeth extracted—sometimes well before they become a problem.

Tooth Extraction Process

The wisdom teeth are teeth that develop in the very far back of the mouth. These third molars are not considered "necessary" and can be removed without further problems. They have an issue with becoming impacted, meaning they never push through the gum line and become a painful problem. When this occurs, our dental team may recommend extraction with our in-house periodontist. A couple smiles outside | Wisdom Teeth Arlington TX

Once the wisdom teeth are extracted, patients no longer have to worry about pain or discomfort they may have experienced before the surgery. Patients who have had their wisdom teeth but found them to be difficult to maintain because they are further back in the mouth are excited to reduce worry of periodontal disease and decay which is a common problem with these molars.

Dentist Arlington TX

If you reside in or around the Arlington, Texas area and want to find out how wisdom tooth extraction can be beneficial for your smile, contact our team today to book an appointment. We recommend visiting with our dental team which includes our in-house periodontist who will be performing the procedure when patients request it.