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"I've never felt so comfortable and gotten so much attention at a dentist before! Very nice accomodations as well, the office is new and has all kinds of technology. Felt happy taking my kids there and recommending friends. Thanks Doc"

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One of the most sought after treatments in cosmetic dentistry is smile enhancement with veneers. A dental veneer is a kind of jacket that covers the front portion of a tooth or teeth. Each veneer is designed specifically to correct an imperfection, such as a crack or gap, and to match the shade of surrounding teeth. Perfected either on the tooth or in a dental lab, veneers are bonded to teeth for long lasting beauty. The appearance that can be accomplished with veneers gives our patients the smiles that they have long desired, smiles that look naturally their own. 

Get the Smile You Want

Dental veneers are incredibly versatile in that they can correct the appearance of a single tooth or recreate the smile based on a patient’s aesthetic goals. There are a few different types of veneers used in cosmetic dentistry, each carrying unique advantages. Direct veneers, which are designed directly on teeth, are made from durable composite resin material. Indirect veneers require a few steps, but they can be made from high quality porcelain that very closely mimics natural tooth material. Our patients may choose from no- and low-prep veneers, and even LUMINEERS, which are made from porcelain shells so thin that no alterations are made to natural tooth structure. What this means to the patient is a beautiful smile without permanent commitment. A Man Smiles | Veneers Arlington TX

Cosmetic Dentistry Arlington TX

At Rush Creek Dentistry, we offer choices so that more of our patients can accomplish their smile goals and feel more confident in their natural appearance. Our team is skilled at the smile design process, which begins with a consultation in which we listen to the concerns and desires the patient has for his or her smile. Working together, we are able to determine the type of veneer most suitable for the desired outcome. From this point, we make the necessary appointments to perform veneer treatment in just one or two visits.

You should be able to smile whenever the urge strikes, feeling fully confident that your teeth look healthy and attractive. We can help you get the smile you have always wanted. Contact Rush Creek Dentistry at (682) 323-3299 for your consultation with Dr. Sater.