Snap-On Smile in Arlington TX

Patient Testimonial

"We were very pleased with our dentist visit today.I think that your dentist is very professional and is very good at what he does. We look foward to seeing you guys again soon. Thank you very much."

- Cliff and Deanna Thrasher

Hollywood is filled with men and women who have perfect smiles. They smile and the world stands still; in awe of the bright white, perfect teeth. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford the costs associated with the cosmetic dental procedures that produce such amazing smiles. When cosmetic dentistry is too far out of your budget, you can still have a great smile – with Snap-On Smile.

Snap-On Smile was the invention of a dentist who understood that most Americans just couldn’t afford expensive veneers, implants, and whitening procedures. Snap-On Smile is made using a very advanced dental resin that makes them super thin, but super strong, and they are made to fit right over your existing teeth. No painful recontouring, tooth extractions, or other invasive dental treatments are necessary to have a beautiful Snap-On Smile.A man smiles In the dental chair | Snap on Smile Arlington tx

Snap-On Smile is a perfect cosmetic treatment for covering:

  • Cracked teeth
  • Chipped teeth
  • Gaps between teeth
  • The spaces left by missing teeth
  • Discolored or stained teeth
  • Misshapen or twisted teeth

Snap-On Smile is a good choice for patients who:

  • Are candidates for dentures, bridges, or implants
  • Want a bright, beautiful Hollywood smile without the pain and cost
  • Patients who have traditional partial dentures and want a better alternative

The whole Snap-On Smile procedure is just as easy as visiting the dental office and sitting down in the dental chair. There are no injections, no x-rays, and no complications. Period.

During your first office visit, the dentist will go over the Snap-On Smile procedure with you and answer your questions. He will then take a detailed mold of your teeth (tops, bottoms, or both), which he will then send to the lab for fabrication. In as little as three weeks, you’ll visit the office, have your Snap-On Smile fitted, and you'll walk out of the dental office that day with the smile you’ve been wanting.

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To learn more about the ease and affordability of the Snap-On Smile, call or visit the dental professionals of Rush Creek Dentistry. Rush Creek Dentistry is a family friendly, highly professional, extremely compassionate dental practice in the heart of Arlington. Our trained and experienced staff is on hand to answer any questions you may have about Snap-On Smile, and are happy to provide you with the Hollywood smile you deserve without the Hollywood prices you dread. Contact us today!