Lumineers in Arlington TX

Patient Testimonial

"I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to Rush Creek Dentistry. They were friendly, professional and showed concern for me personally. I felt they were knowledgeable in what they were doing and made me comfortable and in process. The doctor was sensitive to my needs and answered all my questions. I will definitely refer my family and friends and return myself for my dental care."

- Jacquelyn

Your smile is an important piece of who you are. When you aren’t confident in your smile, you hide it behind your lips and the whole world misses out on your brilliance and beauty. A woman smiles | Lumineers Arlington TX

Discolorations, misshapen teeth, gaps, cracks, and chips can keep you from showing the world how wonderful your smile could be, but it doesn’t have to be that way – not with the revolutionary new veneer treatment, Lumineers.

Beautiful Smiles

Unlike traditional porcelain veneers that require grinding and reshaping of teeth, Lumineers don’t require any extensive tooth preparation for there to be successful permanent placement of the veneers. With traditional porcelain veneers, the teeth are reduced to take them down to accommodating sizes. The grinding exposes the very sensitive portion of the tooth, which makes the procedure an uncomfortable one. With Lumineers, the veneers are fabricated to fit directly over your current teeth – without the grinding.

Lumineers provide you with a bright, beautiful, pain free smile in as little as two office visits. Here is what you can expect from your visits to our office: During your initial visit:

  • The dentist will sit down with you can go over the whole Lumineers procedure.
  • The dentist will take time to answer your questions about the procedure.
  • The dentist will take a detailed mold of your teeth and send this mold to the DenMat Lab for Lumineers fabrication.
  • You and the dentist will choose which shade of white will best meet your needs.

During your follow-up visit:

  • The dentist will fit your Lumineers to make sure that they fit perfectly
  • The dentist will permanently affix the custom-made Lumineers veneers to your teeth, providing you with a bright white, beautiful smile that is free of flaws.

Your brand new Lumineers smile will last 20 years and will never dull, crack, or fall off. Another important benefit of Lumineers is that, unlike traditional veneers, the whole procedure is reversible. That means that if for some reason Lumineers do not fit your lifestyle or provide you with the smile you’ve always dreamed of, you can have them removed – painlessly.

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Rush Creek Dentistry is a family-friendly dental office that specializes in providing families with high quality dental care. The dental professionals in our practice are trained and experienced in performing the Lumineers placement procedure right in our well-equipped and exceptionally staffed dental office. With Lumineers, you'll have the confidence to let your smile out so that it can shine and bring warmth and beauty to the world. Contact our office today to get started.