Laser Cavity Detection in Arlington TX

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Detecting hard-to-find cavities just got easier at Rush Creek Dentistry

Keeping your mouth healthy is the primary goal of Dr. Rami Sater of Rush Creek Dentistry in Arlington, TX. From filling cavities to treating gum disease and six month smiles to teeth whitening, Dr. Sater provides preventative, restorative, and cosmetic dental services to patients of all ages with the end goal of giving you a beautiful and healthy smile. Dr. Sater uses a combination of tried-and-true methods and new technologies to ensure excellent patient care. 

Stay Healthy

Now, Dr. Sater has a new device to help keep your teeth healthy and prevent tooth decay. The DIAGNOdent Hand-held Caries Detection Pen is used to diagnose hidden caries. Hidden caries are weak spots or infection in the tooth that are hard to confirm. Because many patients use fluoride, the tooth enamel is hardened, causing infections that would typically begin on the surface of the tooth to flare up below the surface instead. Often the dentist notices a suspicious spot on the tooth but doesn't want to begin treatment without being sure that it is infected. However, if it there is infection in the tooth and it goes untreated it can cause further damage and decay.laser cavity detection | arlington tx

Now, by using the DIAGNOdent Hand-Held Caries Detection Pen, Dr. Sater can confirm his suspicions before drilling into your tooth. After your professional cleaning that removes plaque and everyday stains, Dr. Sater will provide an examination of your teeth. If he believes a tooth might be at risk, he simply uses the pen to scan the tooth with laser light. The light determines if, and how much, decay is present in the tooth. The results are displayed immediately on the pen, so you will see the same diagnosis that Dr. Sater sees. Generally, the higher the number, the more decay; but Dr. Sater will determine what, if any, treatment is necessary. The pen also helps dentists locate the exact spot of the lesion so that if it needs to be treated, Dr. Sater knows exactly where to begin restorative care. 

The DIAGNOdent pen offers great benefits to both Dr. Sater and his patients. This device is 90% accurate in detecting infection that cannot be detected by an exam or x-rays. It prevents unnecessary excavation of suspicious teeth as well as under-treatment of teeth that are infected. Additionally, it provides accurate, precise, and reliable measurements and helps Dr. Sater provide the right treatment. The DIAGNOdent pen is completely safe for patients and the team at Rush Creek Dentistry and is a painless and non-invasive examination tool. 

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Dr. Sater provides exceptional care to patients of all ages. Your comfort is foremost at Rush Creek Dentistry and the DIAGNOdent pen is another tool to ensure that you remain free from pain, your teeth stay healthy, and your smile is bright. Contact Rush Creek Dentistry today for more information and to schedule and appointment.