Cosmetic Dentistry in Arlington TX

Patient Testimonial

"The visit was very pleasant, Dr Sater is great!!! He cleaned my teeth and explained everthing to me very well. I would recommend your office and look forward to my next visit."

- Lena Williams

At Rush Creek Dentistry, we want you to love your smile! Just as oral health affects your whole health, the appearance of your smile affects your happiness, confidence, and relationships. Restorative procedures are performed with an artistic flair, to correct functional and esthetic issues simultaneously. If your teeth are essentially healthy, but you are unhappy with the way they look, we offer a wide variety of cosmetic procedures to put the dazzle back in your smile.

Some of the most popular cosmetic procedures we offer include:

  • Teeth whitening – We use the unique KöR, deep bleaching system, which provides better results with less sensitivity.
  • No prep veneers – These beautiful, ultra-thin shells of porcelain are bonded to the visible surface of teeth, covering any esthetic flaws with no alteration needed. This procedure is typically reversible if you ever change your mind.
  • Low prep veneers – Slightly thicker than the no-prep variety, these veneers can disguise crooked or very dark teeth more effectively.
  • Porcelain crowns – This is a great option for teeth that are not strong enough to support veneers, or damaged, worn down teeth that need functional restoration as well.
  • Six Month Smiles – Veneers can disguise crooked teeth only if the misalignment is minor, otherwise they would look and feel bulky. Six Month Smiles is a great option, straightening teeth in just a few months with clear braces.

Smile design

Cosmetic dentistry is a very individualized process. We begin with a consultation, to learn what you dislike about your smile and what you hope to achieve. Your doctor will perform an examination, possibly x-rays, take photos and review your dental history.Cosmetic Dentistry | arlington tx

We will discuss your options, and recommend the best treatment plan. In some cases, porcelain veneers or simple teeth whitening may be all that is needed. However, a combination of procedures is usually needed to create the smile of your dreams. This may be done in stages, if time or financial constraints are a problem. We also offer convenient financing options, at every stage.

If you are ready to fall in love with that smile you see in the mirror, call Rush Creek Dentistry (682) 323-3299 and schedule an appointment.