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Tooth Extractions
Arlington, TX

Close up photo of a dentist holding an extracted tooth at Rush Creek Dentistry in Arlington, TXAt Rush Creek Dentistry, our primary goal is to keep your teeth beautiful and healthy. Although extractions are a last resort, they are sometimes necessary. However, enduring pain or discomfort during an extraction is not necessary. We use gentle, efficient techniques, and offer sedation if you wish, for a quick and comfortable experience.

Wisdom Teeth

The most common reason complex, surgical extractions are needed is for the removal of an impacted wisdom tooth. An impacted tooth does not have enough room to fully erupt (develop). When it cannot grow straight, it will grow at an angle, sideways, or even push down beneath the gumline. Any tooth can become impacted, though it is rare except with wisdom teeth.

An impacted tooth may need to be removed for several reasons:
Infection – Impacted teeth are crowded, making them difficult to clean around, inviting decay and gum disease.

Damage of adjacent teeth – Wisdom teeth can crowd adjacent teeth severely enough to cause decay, gum disease and even bone loss with neighboring teeth.

Disease – more uncommonly, sometimes cysts or tumors develop around impacted wisdom teeth
Pain – The number one reason most people come in for wisdom teeth is that they are hurting. Any of the above conditions, as well as factors like putting pressure on the nerve, can cause pain ranging from mild to severe.

Simple Extractions

A simple extraction is what most people refer to as getting a tooth pulled. Severe decay is the most common reason that non-impacted teeth need to be extracted. In most cases, this is entirely avoidable with good oral hygiene and regular dental visits.

Even a damaged or decayed tooth can often be saved with a beautiful porcelain crown. However, if it is too severe, the tooth may be non-restorable. Additionally, some patients prefer extraction, particularly when the tooth is abscessed and quite painful. Extractions may also be necessary to accommodate full dentures.

We perform both simple and surgical extractions of all types here in our office. Although we will refer you to a specialist if we believe it is in your best interest, those cases are rare. We offer dental bridges, dentures, or dental implants to fill the gap after a tooth is removed.

If you have a painful wisdom tooth, or a tooth that needs to be extracted for any reason, call Rush Creek Dentistry (682) 277-0535 and schedule an appointment for gentle treatment.
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Tooth Extraction - Arlington, TX • Rush Creek Dentistry
If you have a painful wisdom tooth, or a tooth that needs to be extracted, call Rush Creek Dentistry in Arlington, TX and schedule an appointment.
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