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Single Tooth Anesthesia
Arlington, TX

Photo of a woman sleeping peacefully on a cloud after receiving anesthesia at Rush Creek Dentistry in Arlington, TXVisits to the dentist should be productive and pleasant, yet, for many people, dental care causes at least a little anxiety. At Rush Creek Dentistry, we believe that comfortable patients are happy patients. We understand that pain of any kind, even the small sensations that occur with injections of local anesthesia, is enough to keep some from visiting the dentist regularly. In addition to providing gentle preventive care that helps our patients avoid the need for restorative work, and the numbing medication that goes along with it, we have included technology into our practice that greatly improves patient experience. Using the VibraJect device, we create the most comfortable process available.

VibraJect is a small, quiet device that is used during the administration of local anesthetic. Ideal in many situations, the VibraJect takes the anxiety out of dental treatment by eliminating uncomfortable injections. This device has been a wonderful addition to our office, which operates on the philosophy that dental care should not be painful or distressing emotionally. Patients who fear injections and needles report sensing nothing more than slight vibration and a soft buzzing sound. Many people ask, “Is that it?”

Stress-free Dentistry

The way this tool works is distraction. That’s right. That’s all there is to receiving more comfortable dental care. Applying vibration to the oral tissues surrounding the tooth we need to numb, we effectively overload the nerves that send signals to the brain. Distracted by the vibration, the brain is unable to register the sensations felt when local anesthetic is slowly, precisely injected into oral tissues. This dental care lets you feel only vibration, no pain. What a concept!

There are several advantages to our single tooth anesthesia service using VibraJect. Some of the biggest benefits include:
No pain or discomfort
Almost-immediate onset of anesthesia saves time and reduces stress
Elimination of numbness in the lips, cheeks, and tongue following treatment
Greater precision removes the chances of hitting nerves or intravascular structures
Paresthesia, or the sensation of prickling, tingling skin, does not occur with single tooth anesthesia
Decreased instance of failure to numb, meaning fewer injections and maximum efficiency
Less anesthesia is necessary for single tooth applications
Your dentist can perform more work in a single visit while ensuring your total comfort

Arlington TX Dentist

We believe that patient satisfaction comes from individualized care with a focus on comfort. To remove the anxiety from dental care, contact Rush Creek Dentistry for your next check-up.
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