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Sedation and Painless Dentistry FAQ

Sedation Dentistry

Fear can keep patients from getting the dental care they need for optimum oral health. Dr. Rami Sater provides a solution by offering sedation dentistry.

Sedation dentistry is safe for most healthy patients. Since it requires a dental prescription, we will need to complete a full medical history to rule out health complications or prescription interactions.Once sedation dentistry is determined to be safe, we will plan your treatment. Prescription medication will help you relax during your procedure, and your appointment will seem to fly by. You will likely not have any memory of your treatment and will avoid anxiety.

By offering this service, we open our doors to patients who otherwise cannot tolerate a trip to the dentist due to extreme anxiety and stress. This service is also useful for patients with a strong gag reflex or who have difficulty getting numb. Sedation dentistry also reduces anxiety for lengthy treatment appointments and allows Dr. Rami Sater to complete more work at one time because of your completely relaxed state. Some patients even fall asleep while they are in the chair! If you want to find a sedation dentist in Arlington, TX so that you can relax through your appointment, give us a call today.

Painless Dentistry

At Rush Creek Dentistry, we firmly believe that dentistry does not have to be painful or unpleasant. We take the following steps to ensure that every patient who comes in can be relaxed, knowing their experience will not be wrought with pain or discomfort.
•  We use nitrous oxide, a mild sedative that is safe for both kids and adults. Breathed in similarly to oxygen, nitrous relaxes patients and lessens pain sensitivity.
•  We offer conscious oral sedation, which puts patients into a very relaxed state during treatment while still being conscious
•  We offer needle-free dentistry, completing many procedures without the use of shots or needles.
•  We offer leading-edge technology, which means treatment times are shorter and more comfortable.

But in addition to those options, we offer something else that sets us apart from other practices: We truly care about our patients. We are also sensitive to their anxiety. Our entire practice operates to make patients as relaxed as possible, from our comfortable waiting room to our exceptional staff.

Taking care of your oral health should be an enjoyable experience. Find out just how pleasant it can be to achieve good oral health by contacting Rush Creek Dentistry, your Arlington, TX dentist.
Many Americans have a strong fear of the dental office. The smells, the sounds, and the sharp instruments are enough to make them avoid their much-needed appointments. The team at Rush Creek Dentistry understands these anxieties, and focuses on making dental visits relaxing, comfortable, and thoroughly pleasant with pain free dentistry. Arlington residents, both young and old, can enjoy pain free treatments at Rush Creek Dentistry, and may find it easier than ever to maintain their appointments when fear is no longer a factor!

The team at Rush Creek Dentistry can provide pain free appointments through a number of methods. These tried-and-true techniques have made them some of the most caring, comforting dentists in the metropolitan area. Patients who were once terrified of dental work can now schedule their appointments, make it to see the dentist, and relax before and during the procedure. Here are just a few of the techniques used at Rush Creek Dentistry.


The use of sedation allows patients of all ages to have a pleasurable experience at Rush Creek Dentistry. The team offers a variety of methods, including nitrous oxide and oral conscious sedation. Nitrous oxide is a gas that can reduce sensitivity and relax a patient; oral conscious sedation utilizes medication to calm patients and remove any memories of their appointments after a good rest following treatment.


Using methodology that is proven to work, the dentists at our practice can complete dental treatments without the use of needles and other painful mechanics. With the use of a very effective and unique topical anesthetic (Tricaine blue) as well as nitrous oxide, most of the time relatively non-invasive treatment such as fillings can be performed without the use of injectables.

Care and Comfort

First and foremost, the team at Rush Creek Dentistry is committed to ensuring your comfort. We are a caring, sensitive staff that understands the fears and anxieties you are going through. We can talk to you well before your appointment about sedation methods and treatment alternatives to get you the oral health care you need and deserve. We treat each patient like a person, not just teeth.

If you are ready to have a positive experience at the dental office with pain free dentistry, Arlington area dentists are here to help! Call Rush Creek Dentistry today to schedule your initial appointment and examination and find out how pain free dentistry can transform the way you look!
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