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Full Mouth Reconstruction
Arlington, TX

Dental x-ray of a full mouth at Rush Creek Dentistry in Arlington, TXPatients with missing teeth, worn teeth, broken teeth, or decayed teeth may experience problems in both the bite and their facial and smile aesthetics. If your teeth are out of ideal alignment, they can cause bite problems. Without proper bite power, they can become impaired, and teeth can become severely worn down, and strain and pain can occur on the jaw joints and muscles. If you are having these dental problems. You probably require a complete reconstruction of your mouth as many adults are. Our team at Rush Creek Dentistry can give you a new smile.

What is a Full Mouth Reconstruction?

A full mouth reconstruction is a multi-phase, multi-procedural process which involves the aesthetic dentistry techniques and the science of neuromuscular dentistry. With full mouth reconstruction aid, patients achieve a beautiful smile and more youthful appearance by rebuilding or restoring multiple teeth, or all of their teeth in the front and back of the mouth. In addition to replacing or repairing the missing or damaged teeth, this restorative dentistry procedure involves correcting the irregular bite and getting your gum tissue and supporting bone structure healthy.

How Does Full Mouth Reconstruction Work?

One of our dental surgeons will fix any bite problems first. Our professionals try to determine whether the patient has an improper bite alignment. If there are any such problems, we will use lab work and molds to create an orthopedic device. An orthopedic device is worn in the patient’s mouth to reposition the improper jaw to the correct position. This device could either be removed or fixed depending on the patient’s needs. Once the bite is corrected using an orthopedic device, restorations may be applied, including porcelain veneers, bonding, crowns, or onlays. Restorations are made after taking a mold of teeth; the mold is used to custom-make dental devices such as crowns and veneers. Once the dental devices are made, the patient returns to the office, and the restorations are applied to the teeth again. This may take several visits depending on the restoration types needed.

What Does This Procedure Involve?

In full mouth restoration, our team of professionals deals with the condition of your teeth, gum tissues, bones and jaw muscles. For instance, the condition of your teeth will determine what restorative procedures are needed for your specific circumstances. Likewise, if your jaw is not aligned and your gums are not healthy, root planing and scaling will most likely be required to treat your periodontal disease.

Full Mouth Reconstruction Benefits

There are many benefits of full mouth reconstruction. The most important benefit is that it dramatically improves an individual’s overall oral health by giving your mouth and supporting structures a complete rejuvenation. Procedures like tissue grafting and dental implantation can prevent dangerous health complications from occurring. An added advantage of full mouth reconstruction is that it alleviates headaches and significantly boosts your confidence and self-esteem. By aligning the jaw and replacing lost teeth, you can also get rid of problems like jaw clicking and difficulty chewing.

For more information, and to find out how you can benefit from full mouth reconstruction, call Rush Creek Dentistry at 682-277-0535 today.
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