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Dentistry for Kids
Arlington, TX

Young girl brushing her teeth at Rush Creek Dentistry in Arlington, TXProper dental health during childhood is a form of preventative dentistry. Infant teeth will grow at six to twelve months old. Around the age of six years old, primary teeth will fall out, making room for permanent teeth to grow. We must maintain these teeth for the remainder of our lives, that is why it is so important for parents to bring their children to our dentist at Rush Creek Dentistry early on. The very first visit to the dentist should be scheduled at one year old. During this visit, a pediatric dentist will examine the development of teeth.

Common Issues

Knowing the state of our teeth is important. Children’s individual needs must be planned for as they grow their teeth. During childhood growth, dental complications are more likely. Excessive thumb sucking during the toddler stage can cause children’s permanent teeth to become misaligned. Persistent thumb sucking can also shape the roof of the mouth and affect the formation of a child’s jaw. Overbites are formed when the upper front teeth protrude from the jaw, this can be caused by thumb-sucking. Overbites and underbites are also caused by having too much or too little room in the jaw for one's teeth.

When teeth are not properly aligned, the top or bottom set will begin to creep over the other. Regular visits to the dentist will help by monitoring this movement and preventing extreme misalignment. Another common occurrence in pediatric dentistry is orthodontic treatment. A child’s first visit to the orthodontist should occur at around eight years old. Common spacing and misalignment problems can be solved with orthodontic practices. Teeth can become misaligned to due jaw size, growth of wisdom teeth, and genetics. Small jaws or extra teeth can cause overcrowding. Additionally, the issue of overbites and underbites can be solved by visiting an orthodontist.

Easing Anxiety

Introducing your child to their pediatric dentist while they are young will prevent anxiety about these visits for the rest of their lives. Using positive language when talking about first visits to the dentist will help your child enjoy their visit. Inform your child about what will happen during their visit to the dentist, informed children will be less nervous. Let your child know that the dentist is a safe place and visits are important to good health. At the dentist, they will be taken care of and rewarded for taking good care of themselves. The goal is to make your child feel accomplished by taking proper care of their teeth. Additionally, dental practices are a good opportunity for children to exercise their independence.

Creating a Rewarding Experience

At Rush Creek Dentistry, we want to create a rewarding experience for every child and parent who schedules an appointment with us. Our dentistry of experienced pediatric professionals provides children with the best treatment, allowing them to leave feeling confident in their dental health. Allow us to be your child’s trusted dental healthcare provider. Please call us at 682-277-0535 to schedule an appointment now.

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Allow us to be your child’s trusted dental healthcare provider. Please call our office to schedule an appointment today.
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