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Frequently Asked Questions: Snap-On Smile

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Snap-On Smile

Alternative to Dentures

Patients who have an unattractive smile in the Arlington area may be looking for ways to completely rejuvenate it. While there are always extreme methods that patients may have considered, including extracting the teeth and replacing them with dentures, this is often an unnecessary and expensive way of addressing imperfections. Instead, patients are encouraged to speak with a dental professional of Rush Creek Dentistry to learn about alternative solutions to extractions and dentures such as Snap On Smiles.

older couple with snap-on-smileSnap On Smiles is a method of covering the existing teeth quickly and easily with an apparatus that can immediately improve the appearance of the smile. Snap On Smiles are like dentures that disguise the teeth underneath and are easily placed and removed. This dental restoration is often considered by patients who want a beautiful smile at specific times in their lives, including special occasions like weddings and family reunions where their smile needs to look its best. Others may use Snap On Smiles during the day when they are working with clients and coworkers at their job. 

Snap On Smiles are an affordable and effective way of rejuvenating the smile without extensive dental work or expensive restorations such as dentures, bridges, implants, veneers, or other treatments often suggested by dentists for repair of the teeth. Instead, patients can just place the Snap On Smiles appliance over their smile and instantly change their appearance as necessary.

This alternative to other cosmetic restorations is extremely affordable, and the team of Rush Creek Dentistry may suggest it for patients who:

  • Want a fast way to fix numerous problems with their smile
  • Want an affordable way of improving the appearance of their teeth
  • Want a temporary solution to problems while they save up for more extensive cosmetic dental work
  • Want a way to look great in situations that warrant a beautiful smile

If you are interested in learning more about the Snap On Smiles solution, contact Rush Creek Dentistry, a state-of-the-art dental practice that services patients in and around the Arlington area. We welcome new patients to our facility and are interested in helping families improve the beauty and health of their smiles with preventative and cosmetic dentistry.

 Improve Your Smile

At Rush Creek Dentistry, one of the goals of our dental care is making sure our patients get the best treatments possible in a comfortable environment at a low cost. While one of our foremost concerns is making sure we keep your smile healthy, we also value the beauty of your smile as much as you do. At our office in Arlington, TX, the dentist will do everything possible to keep the smiles of everyone in your family both healthy and beautiful.

Older man and woman with snap on smilesWhen working with kids, we can provide special care and preventative treatments to make sure their smiles grow in strong and straight. We do this in a fun and comfortable environment so that your kids will enjoy visiting our office for dental care. 

For older members of the family, we can continue to provide preventative care and deal with any decay or damage that may happen to teeth over the years. When you simply don’t like the way your smile looks, we offer quite a few options to make your smile look better. Many cosmetic treatments can cover teeth such as veneers and crowns, and other options such as dental implants can replace missing teeth. If you’re on a budget and don’t want to change the structure of your teeth while still getting a more attractive smile, you might want to consider another one of our solutions: Snap-On Smile.

Snap-On Smile is a unique cosmetic solution that allows you to cover any flaws in your smile without the cost of the usual expensive permanent cosmetic treatments. You and your dentist can discuss your desires for your smile and design your ideal smile. The dentist will then have this new smile fabricated to fit over your existing teeth without changing them in any way. You may then snap your smile on and off whenever you feel like it. Call Rush Creek Dentistry at (682-323-3299) today to make an appointment to find out more about how we can help you get your own Snap-On Smile and enjoy a smile you’ll love to show off.

Affordable Cosmetic Solution

More and more dentists are offering a wide range of cosmetic dental treatments for their patients, but not everyone wants to pay for expensive dental work that would drastically change the natural smile in order to improve it. If dental offices near you only offer cosmetic treatments that don't sound worth it to you, visit Rush Creek Dentistry in Arlington, TX to learn about an alternative. 

Older man and women smiling with snap on smileAt our office, we offer Snap-On Smile, which provides the solution many patients have been wanting. Rather than paying more than you can afford to permanently alter your natural smile, why not simply "snap" a new smile on over your old one? 

Snap-On Smile works well for a number of different dental problems. Patients with minor cosmetic concerns such as discoloration and chipped teeth can easily improve their smiles with this solution, but even serious problems can be covered with a Snap-On Smile. For example, Snap-On Smile can work to cover gaps between teeth or even teeth that are gone as well as teeth that are out of place or poorly shaped. Snap-On Smile can also serve as a good option for dental patients who cannot receive implants or bridges to replace missing teeth but want an alternative to dentures. 

Once you have chosen a Snap-On Smile, you can make an appointment with one of our dentists. The dentist will work with you to evaluate your goals for your new smile and then take a mold of your teeth. This mold will then be sent to a lab where your Snap-On smile will be designed to meet your desires and sent to your dentist in around three weeks. Once your dentist has made sure your new smile fits, you can wear it home and show off the smile you've always wanted. 

If you are interested in a simple and cost effective way to make your smile look better without permanently altering your natural teeth, call 682-323-3299 today to make an appointment at our office in Arlington to ask a dentist about Snap-On Smile.

If you’ve been longing to improve your smile but expensive and invasive cosmetic dental procedures put you off, we might have the right solution for you. At Rush Creek Dentistry, we understand that not everyone can afford extensive cosmetic treatments needed. This is why we offer patients near Bedford and surrounding areas a simple and cost-effective cosmetic solution: Snap-On Smile.

How can the dentist know if Snap-On Smile is right for me?

Your dentist will first need to determine what your smile needs to make it look better. Snap-On Smile can work well on many areas, but this solution will only work if these are the only problems with your smile. If you have discolored teeth, cracked teeth, chipped teeth, oddly shaped teeth, gaps between your teeth, or even missing teeth, Snap-On Smile might be able to fix your smile. Generally patients who are the most likely to benefit from Snap-On Smile are those who could also receive implants, dentures or bridges and those who want a perfect smile but don’t want to spend the money necessary to get veneers.

How does Snap-On Smile work?

An elderly couple one with snap on smilesSnap-On Smile is a unique solution for cosmetic dental problems because it does not involve changing your natural smile in any way. Instead, you can work with your dentist to design your Snap-On Smile to be exactly what you want it to be. You can choose the color and shape of your smile without spending time and money altering any of your natural teeth. Once it has been designed and fitted to your smile, you will be able to wear your new smile home and snap it on and off anytime you want without making irreversible changes to your teeth. 

You shouldn’t need to live with a smile you hate just because you can’t afford the necessary treatments. If Snap-On Smile sounds like it might be the flexible, affordable solution you have been longing for, visit our office to meet with the dentist and find out if this simple solution could work for you.  Contact us for more information!

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