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Frequently Asked Questions: Single Tooth Anesthesia

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Single Tooth Anesthesia

When something is wrong with your teeth, you are likely to feel discomfort and even pain as a result. Often this leads people to believe that their dental treatment will also be painful, and many people avoid dental care entirely because they are afraid of experiencing pain at the dentist's office. If you visit a dentist in Arlington, this is not the case at all since dentists at Rush Creek Dentistry offer the best in painless dentistry.

Though most dentists offer some type of pain relief before doing invasive work on your smile, the traditional use of localized anesthesia involves an injection. Since most people who avoid the dentist don't like the idea of pain, it is understandable that even the thought of an injection can make them uneasy. At Rush Creek Dentistry, we offer an alternative: single tooth anesthesia. single tooth anesthesia | arlington tx dentist

Single tooth anesthesia

Single tooth anesthesia is one of the latest advances in painless dentistry. By using the special VibraJect device, the dentist will be able to give you a painless injection. This may sound like magic, and in a way, it is. Much like a magician uses distraction to perform a trick; the VibraJect system uses vibration to trick your nerve endings so that they will not process the injection as painful. This means that you can have localized pain relief without feeling pain in the process.

The alternatives

The options most dentists offer as pain relief include local anesthetic injections or general anesthesia. Some sedation dentists offer new options that provide milder sedation such as nitrous oxide, oral sedation, and IV sedation, but not many dentists in Arlington offer single tooth anesthesia. 

While these sedation options work well for many people, not everyone likes the idea of being so relaxed they may not even remember their appointment. When this is the case, and when the thought of an injection upsets you, single tooth anesthesia is one of the best options available. If you are ready to experience a pain free dental treatment, visit our Arlington office to find out more about single tooth anesthesia and other pain relief methods our dentists offer.

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