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How Much Does Wisdom Tooth Extraction Cost?

a diagram of a tooth and its root | wisdom tooth extraction arlingtonWisdom Tooth Extraction Cost

Wisdom teeth, also known as the third molars, can be troublesome for many adults and young adults. In the late teen years or sometimes in the early 20's, patients may begin to experience pain and discomfort in the back corners of the mouth. This may be a sign that the wisdom teeth are impacted. Impaction of a wisdom tooth means that it is unable to erupt through the gum line because it is misaligned, blocked, or turned the wrong way. Impaction is the primary reason why patients have a wisdom tooth removed. Other reasons include a proactive approach to keep the teeth from erupting through the gum line and affecting alignment achieved with orthodontics, or to remove the teeth that have come through the gum line but put ones oral health at risk. These teeth can be so far back in the mouth that they can be difficult to brush and floss, increasing the chances that an individual may experience periodontal disease or cavities. 

Extracting the wisdom teeth can be done with a simple extraction (if erupted through the gum line) or through oral surgery if the tooth is impacted. Patients are made comfortable during their appointment with Rush Creek Dentistry during their procedure and will not experience any pain during the treatment. However, patients do need to take note of the after-care instructions provided by their dentist to facilitate faster healing and know when to contact their dentist for further assistance.

Many patients who are faced with wisdom tooth extraction often ask their dentist about the overall cost. The cost of a wisdom tooth extraction can vary greatly on many factors, including how many of the wisdom teeth are being removed, whether the teeth are impacted or have broken through the gum line, and the final out-of-pocket cost will vary depending on dental insurance coverage, if any. Sedative methods may also cost more, as well as any care or attention that must be attended to after the procedure. In most cases, patients can get a general idea of the cost of treatment after they have had their initial consultation appointment and examination with the team of Rush Creek Dentistry. So what're you waiting for? Contact your dentist in Arlington TX today at Rush Creek Dentistry!

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