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What is the difference between simple and surgical tooth extraction?

a closeup of a smile | tooth extraction arlingtonWisdom teeth, also referred to by 76001 area dentists as the third molars, are the teeth within the smile that are the last to erupt through the gum line. This typically occurs later on during the young adult years. While other teeth often erupt without a hitch, wisdom teeth have a tendency to become problematic for a variety of reasons. Some become impacted, causing them to push into other teeth in the dental arch and become extremely painful. Others can result in overcrowding, or may be too far back in the mouth to properly clean by brushing and flossing—leaving patients at risk for developing cavities and gum disease. Because wisdom teeth are often troublesome, dentists will suggest to patients who have any concerns to consider extraction. 

Extraction of wisdom teeth is a relatively common procedure. There are two types of extractions that are done by the team of Rush Creek Dentistry which include simple extraction and surgical extraction. 

Simple Extraction

A simple extraction is done after the wisdom teeth have already erupted through the gum line and are easily accessible. These teeth are much easier to remove from the jawbone and have shorter healing times. They are often less expensive to remove than those which require oral surgery. 

Surgical Extraction

When the wisdom teeth are below the gum line and still in formation in the jawbone, they will require an oral surgical extraction. This is a procedure that requires the dentist to cut into the gum tissue to access the inner area of bone to remove the teeth in that respect. Surgical extraction requires more precise care and attention and is therefore often more expensive than simple extractions. Many dentists will recommend these patients be put under with general anesthesia or specific sedatives to ensure comfort. Patients who have surgical extractions should also expect longer healing time. 

At Rush Creek Dentistry, we provide a wide range of dental services and do not have to refer patients out to other professionals for typical procedures such as wisdom teeth extraction. If you live in the 76001 area and have considered a quality dentist who can provide wisdom tooth extraction and other procedures in his practice, contact the dentist of Rush Creek Dentistry today!

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