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Snap-On Smile: An Affordable Cosmetic Solution

Affordable Cosmetic Solution

More and more dentists are offering a wide range of cosmetic dental treatments for their patients, but not everyone wants to pay for expensive dental work that would drastically change the natural smile in order to improve it. If dental offices near you only offer cosmetic treatments that don't sound worth it to you, visit Rush Creek Dentistry in Arlington, TX to learn about an alternative. 

Older man and women smiling with snap on smileAt our office, we offer Snap-On Smile, which provides the solution many patients have been wanting. Rather than paying more than you can afford to permanently alter your natural smile, why not simply "snap" a new smile on over your old one? 

Snap-On Smile works well for a number of different dental problems. Patients with minor cosmetic concerns such as discoloration and chipped teeth can easily improve their smiles with this solution, but even serious problems can be covered with a Snap-On Smile. For example, Snap-On Smile can work to cover gaps between teeth or even teeth that are gone as well as teeth that are out of place or poorly shaped. Snap-On Smile can also serve as a good option for dental patients who cannot receive implants or bridges to replace missing teeth but want an alternative to dentures. 

Once you have chosen a Snap-On Smile, you can make an appointment with one of our dentists. The dentist will work with you to evaluate your goals for your new smile and then take a mold of your teeth. This mold will then be sent to a lab where your Snap-On smile will be designed to meet your desires and sent to your dentist in around three weeks. Once your dentist has made sure your new smile fits, you can wear it home and show off the smile you've always wanted. 

If you are interested in a simple and cost effective way to make your smile look better without permanently altering your natural teeth, call 682-323-3299 today to make an appointment at our office in Arlington to ask a dentist about Snap-On Smile.

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