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How Do I Prevent Gum Disease?

Prevent Gum Disease

Healthy gums are a necessity for healthy teeth. Our gums provide critical protection for the connective tissue that secures the base of teeth to the bone.

The two stages of gum disease, gingivitis and periodontitis, are serious health conditions that can lead to tooth loss and other medical complications. 

Gingivitis is the more common and less severe form, accounting for roughly 70 percent of all patients suffering from gum disease. Gingivitis is caused by bacteria, which will grow in pockets along the gums, creating inflammation. If the inflammation spreads to the bone or connective tissue, periodontitis has occurred.

Periodontitis causes tooth loss, gum discomfort and pain, noticeable inflammation along the gum line, receding gum tissue, and increased sensitivity to heat or cold. Gum disease reportedly causes more bone loss than osteoporosis.

Periodontitis is controllable, but not curable. That's why the team of professionals at Rush Creek Dentistry in Arlington, TX is committed to helping our patients prevent gum disease through optimal oral health habits. They include:a close up of a woman's smile | gum disease treatment arlington tx

  • Visit your dentist regularly. Developing a trusting, familiar relationship with your dentist may be one of the most significant steps that you can take in the prevention of gum disease and other oral health concerns. Our family-friendly doctors and clinicians get to know our patients and monitor changes that may occur from visit to visit. Annual or twice per year visits will likely detect any erosion of the gums.
  • Proper brushing – Brush your teeth twice daily, for at least two minutes. Address each tooth individually, using a gentle, circular motion with a toothbrush recommended by your dentist.
  • Flossing – using an up and down action, floss between teeth to remove food particles.
  • Tobacco use – smoking and tobacco use is a significant factor in the development of gum disease. If you smoke or use chewing tobacco, quit.
  • Mouthwashes with antibacterial ingredients provide additional protection from plaque as well as freshen breath.

At Rush Creek Dentistry, we care about the overall health and wellbeing of our patients and neighbors in Arlington, TX. For more information about how you can achieve your optimal oral health, call us today at (682) 323-3299 . We are located at 6401 S. Cooper Street, in Arlington.

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