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Planning for Your Wisdom Tooth Extraction

It is very likely that at some point in your life, a dentist will suggest that you have your wisdom teeth removed. This may not happen until they begin to cause problems, but often, your dentist will advise that you have them removed even before they have come in. At Rush Creek Dentistry, we offer patients near Mansfield in-house extractions most of the time, so you can have your extraction done by a dentist you know and trust.


When you decide to have your wisdom teeth removed, the dentist will make appropriate preparations to make sure your extraction is as painless and simple as possible. If you have or have recently had an infection, your dentist may postpone the extraction, and if you are especially prone to infections, you may be put on antibiotics. Women who are on birth control are advised to wait until the end of their cycle to have their wisdom teeth removed. Once you are ready for the extraction, you will be placed under either local or general anesthetic, depending on how complex the extraction and how long it will take.


The dentist will then remove the tooth by exposing it if it is not already fully exposed. If any bone has grown over the tooth, it will need to be removed before the tooth can be taken out. The tooth will then be disconnected from the jaw, and if needed cut into pieces, and then removed.


Ideally, your recovery from a wisdom tooth extraction should only be a few days. Your dentist may need to place stitches, and you will most likely experience bleeding for the first 24 hours and will need to keep changing your gauze. For the fastest and most comfortable recovery, don’t use a straw or smoke or eat any food that requires chewing for at least the first 24 hours. You should also keep your head propped up and avoid most activity during this time. You may continue to brush your teeth if you are very careful. Before too long, you should be back to your normal dental habits again. 

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