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Planning a Positive Pediatric Dental Experience for Your Child

Positive Pediatric Dental Experience

Learning habits at a young age is ideal, as these habits tend to have a better chance at remaining throughout life. Teaching children how to best care for their teeth can start even before they are aware of this teaching. We work with parents to help them care for their baby’s oral health long before that first tooth emerges. Care extents throughout childhood, meeting specific needs as they arise. During these early dental visits, we understand we are helping young patients form their opinions about dentistry and professional care, and we take this task very seriously.pediatrics | arlington tx dentist

When your child is young, you can help him or her become familiar with our dental office by first bringing them with you to your check-up appointment. In this type of a setting, there is no pressure on the child, and no feelings of anxiety. Even if this is not a possibility, there are steps that can be taken to ensure your child sails through pediatric treatments when he or she visits our Arlington, TX dental practice. Before beginning pediatric care, you may:

  • Talk to your child about who the dentist is, or read him or her books or stories that promote healthy teeth, and give a good impression of the dentist as someone who keeps teeth healthy, and prevents the pain of toothaches.
  • Take care in what information is shared with your child. This extends to your own dental experiences, as well as attempts to explain the dental care that he or she may receive. Children may fear the unknown, but will doubly fear the dentist if they know that mommy or daddy harbors fear of this person. Likewise, offering up information such as “your dentist will give you a shot,” will certainly create anxiety for the child involved.
  • We work with children all the time, and take special care to explain, in their own language, what we are doing to keep teeth healthy and strong. Our goal is to ensure quality care and comfortable patients, no matter their age. When children are especially nervous, we can incorporate nitrous oxide into treatment to promote feelings of calm and wellbeing.
  • Parents who feel calm and confident about their child’s dental appointment promote those same feelings in their child. We provide family dental care. Therefore, parents and children can all be on the same page when it comes to being a part of our dental family. The better you feel about the care you receive from our team, the better your child will feel approaching dental visits as well.

Pediatric care at Rush Creek Dentistry is excellent. Contact us to schedule check-ups for the whole family.

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