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What Is Pediatric Dentistry?

Patient Testimonial

"Everyone is very personable and accommodating. Dr. Sater is very gentle. The office temperature is comfortable."

- Amie M.


We know kids are not simply little adults. 

Children's preferences and unique characteristics have shaped everything from the tools we use to keep kids healthy to the design features present in our office.

What works for an adult doesn't work for a child. You wouldn't expect a child to use an adult brush that's too big with stiff bristles.

Dentists for pediatric patients

While pediatricians are trained extensively to heal children, it's estimated less than one in four such doctors have training in oral health. 

While dentists in general may excel at preventing, detecting, and treating conditions of the gums and teeth, only around half of those professionals underwent practical training with children while in dental school. 

It's no wonder, then, that many general dentists don't feel comfortable treating kids. 

Rush Creek Dentistry thrives on working with kids. As our practice evolved, we incorporated many attributes to put our small patients at ease – plush chairs, TV, and video games. 

We want children to feel at home and associate the dentist with good memories that they'll carry into adulthood. 

One reason we feel so comfortable working with children is due to our experience with infants to teens beyond the four years of dental school. 

As such, we know how to speak with kids to minimize fears. We also know how to offer safe anesthesia for little bodies, and employ needle-free dentistry to make the experience painless. 

Dentists who don't have the experience and passion for working with kids like we do might inadvertently administer either too little or too much pain medication, which has grave emotional and physical consequences.

Since early dental visits are the foundation for lifelong health, pediatric patients have the following:A girl lays on the beach | pediatric dentist arlington tx

  • Better follow-up. Patients are more likely to use other services through the years, including preventive care.
  • Better-educated caregivers. Patients' parents have been found to answer more questions correctly about the likes of baby bottle decay.
  • Better holistic health. Poor dental care haunts a child for life. Children with decayed teeth are less socially involved, have lower self-esteem, perform poorly in school, weigh less, and they develop later than counterparts with access to good dental care.

We want to develop a dental "home" with you and your family, whereby proactive care and treatment is well coordinated, easily accessible, and comfortable for you and the little patient. For more info, or to schedule an appointment, please call our Arlington, TX dental office today!

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