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Why Pediatric Dental Care Matters

Pediatric Dental Care

The nation is filled with general and family dentists, so why do some dentists promote pediatric dental services? Is there really a difference in working with a dentist who specifically mentions this phrase, or is this just another way of marketing a practice? These are good questions for parents to ask, primarily because asking leads to understanding, which leads to confidence in your choice of dentist. As we all know, parents' attitudes about the dentist are easily picked up by their children who will either love or fear their dentist before ever meeting this person.pediatric dental care | arlington tx dentist

In our office, we treat patients of all ages. However, Dr. Sater learned very early in his dental career that children are deserving of special care, and have specific needs that should be met during every visit. This philosophy extends not only to pediatric treatments, like dental sealants or fluoride treatments, but also to the design of our office and the way young patients are greeted by our welcoming staff. What we know is that we love working with children, which is why pediatric dentistry is a large part of our Arlington practice.

There is something for everyone at Rush Creek Dentistry. While children are waiting to be seen, they may watch television, play video games on our equipment, or entertain themselves in our specified play area. In the treatment room, children are evaluated after Dr. Sater, and our team, have made sure they feel comfortable in this environment. We take the time to talk with our young patients, comfort them, and build feelings of trust that they will be comfortable when receiving care.

One of the problems of standard dentistry for children is poking and prodding teeth, which is the standard method of detecting cavities, along with dental x-rays. Rush Creek Dentistry is committed to using the gentlest techniques for total patient comfort. We use advanced diagnostics, such as the DIAGNOdent laser cavity finder. This unobtrusive handheld device is not scary for children, who learn that this tool emits special energy, which tells us exactly where the tiniest of cavities lies. This technology is not only more comfortable, but more accurate, allowing us to find and treat cavities when they are still very small.

We also understand that many patients can feel very frightened of dental treatment. There are various reasons that one may fear the dentist, from a bad experience to a strong gag reflex. Whatever the factors behind dental anxiety, we want to ensure our patients that we have ways to make them comfortable. Young patients can benefit greatly from the use of nitrous oxide, a safe and effective sedative that is breathed in during treatment. The effects of nitrous help patients relax through treatment, while allowing them immediate recovery.

What is the point of pediatric dentistry? Total comfort for your child, and confidence for you. Contact Rush Creek Dentistry today for your appointment.

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