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No Need to Be Nervous about a Root Canal!

You may have noticed people grimace at the mention of a root canal. Why should you be so scared of this dental treatment? The answer is simple: you shouldn’t. There is no good reason to be scared of a root canal treatment when you visit Rush Creek Dentistry in Arlington. At our office, we believe in providing painless dentistry in a comfortable environment, even during a root canal treatment.

Perhaps the reason many people associate pain with root canal is the pain felt before the root canal treatment. This pain is caused by the infection of the pulp within the tooth that requires root canal therapy to remove it. When your tooth has severe decay that has reached the pulp or you have experienced an injury that has allowed the pulp to become infected, you will experience quite a bit of pain. This is because the only feeling you have in your teeth comes from the nerves that lie within the tooth’s pulp. As a result, the infected pulp will need to be removed to stop the pain and preserve whatever healthy tooth structure is left. This is what a root canal procedure does. 

Before your dentist begins the root canal treatment, the area around the tooth will be numbed so that you will not feel anything that is done to the tooth. In addition, at our practice, you have the option of receiving sedation if you are feeling anxious about the treatment. Once we have made sure you are entirely comfortable and at ease, the dentist will clean out the tooth and remove any decaying or infected material. When the tooth has been cleaned, you will receive a special type of filling to close up the root canals, and the dentist will probably suggest placing a crown over the tooth to protect it.

If you notice pain or sensitivity in your teeth, don’t let fear of a root canal treatment keep you from visiting the dentist. Make an appointment at Rush Creek Dentistry and experience the relief of comfortable dental treatment, even if you need a root canal.

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