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What You Need to Know about KÖR Cosmetic Teeth Whitening

KÖR Cosmetic Teeth Whitening

A whiter, brighter smile is more attainable than many patients realize. At Rush Creek Dentistry in Arlington, we provide cosmetic teeth whitening. This service allows individuals to whiten the enamel of their teeth quickly, easily, and safely. Over-the-counter whitening solutions are available, but many patients find these to be overpriced for the results they provide. Many of them do not provide patients with the results they desire. Instead, patients visit Rush Creek Dentistry to undergo effective whitening solutions.

At Rush Creek Dentistry, we offer a special whitening system called KöR cosmetic teeth whitening. This treatment is effective on food and drink stains, as well as medication stains such as tetracycline. It has been proven as safe, effective, and it allows patients to enjoy a more beautiful smile without the sensitivity often experienced with other treatments. Patients over 14 can enjoy KöR whitening.

KöR whitening uses take-home whitening trays for deep bleaching. These trays are custom-made, ensuring amazing fit and function. Patients use these trays in the privacy of their own home, and can enjoy a dazzling smile in as little as two weeks. Patients can continue to whiten periodically to ensure they maintain the results as long as possible.

Most patients are proper candidates for whitening, except those with periodontal disease or restorations. Patients with periodontal disease must first get their condition under control, and patients with restorations may need to have them replaced if they decide to undergo treatment. At Rush Creek Dentistry, we can help patients determine if KöR cosmetic teeth whitening is right for them. Patients in the Arlington area are encouraged to visit our practice to speak to our dental professionals and determine the benefits of undergoing KöR whitening. We can help in restoring smiles that have been discolored, and work with patients to restore both their dental health and the beauty of their teeth and gums with cosmetic and general dentistry procedures. Call us today to find out more about our whitening products and services available to improve the aesthetics and beauty of the smile.

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