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How Do Flexible Payments Work?

North Texas has been growing faster than any area of the country for years. Therefore, it’s not as if you don’t have a choice for your dentist in the Arlington area. Rush Creek Dentistry stands out in a good way due to its consultative approach to your family’s dental needs. 

If you haven’t seen us in the past year, you need to! Know you are not alone. For every person who visited offices like ours in 2013, two people never made it to the dentist’s chair. Getting to know us is the first step toward dental health and wellness, and preventing the host of systemic, chronic conditions rooted in dental problems. 

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The American Dental Association reports more than half of survey respondents cited inability to afford care as the No. 1 reason for “unmet dental needs.” Lack of insurance coverage was named as another reason those surveyed went without treatment. 

At Rush Creek Dentistry, insurance companies don’t drive our treatment plans, but your specific needs do. 

We want you to feel better and function again. The sooner we get you on a customized treatment plan, the better. When you get on the right track, it rubs off on the rest of your family. 

We also understand how you look plays a big part in how you feel. For this reason, we don’t discriminate against cosmetic procedures. Filling a gap or hole where a tooth used to be is a “must-have” for many and, left untreated, can cause problems like bone loss or teeth shifting. 

Payment options to smile about

We offer payment alternatives you may be seeing for the first time. You won’t pay anything for exams, cleanings, X-rays, and even teeth whitening procedures. 

We offer substantial discounts on the costliest restorative procedures -- from fillings to implants. 

We’re confident in the quality of our work. However, accidents happen. Most dental procedures carry a five-year warranty. Should you need a replacement or new option, 100 percent of the treatment’s original value goes back in your pocket. We only ask that you maintain check-ups and cleanings, and follow our team’s recommendations to keep the warranty valid. 

Call (817) 962-2323 so Rush Creek Dentistry can get you on a plan toward better health and a better smile.

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