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Fight Cavities with Early Detection

Fight Cavities Early Detection

By the time that you begin to notice that you have dental cavities, they may have already become quite severe. When you are visiting your dentist in Arlington regularly, he or she may suspect that you have cavities long before they are visible to you or cause you any pain. At Rush Creek Dentistry, we believe early detection is essential to fighting off cavities and tooth decay for our patients in Arlington. We use the most advanced tools available to diagnose cavities and determine the best course of treatment. One of these tools is the DIAGNOdent hand-held caries detection pen.

man getting dental exam When you have your teeth cleaned at Rush Creek Dentistry, we will also use the DIAGNOdent pen if we suspect that you may be developing a cavity. The pen examines the tooth using a laser that functions at a certain frequency that will react to decaying dental material. The pen will immediately give you and the dentist a reading that will indicate the level of the decay in the tooth. Your dentist can use this number to determine the treatment necessary for the cavities in your tooth. 

Unlike traditional methods of determining whether you have a cavity, such as poking and prodding the likely sensitive tooth or taking troublesome X-rays, the DIAGNOdent pen is entirely comfortable and convenient for both you and your dentist. It enables your dentist to confirm whether you really have a cavity or not before beginning treatment or damaging the structure of the tooth. 

If you are developing a cavity, we can start one of a number of different treatments to help your tooth stay strong and healthy. Without treatment, cavities will continue to develop and eat away at your teeth until they grow and extend deeper into your tooth. In time, this will lead to infection and toothaches that could require the removal of the tooth. By catching the cavities early enough with special detection tools like the DIAGNOdent pen, Rusk Creek Dentistry can help to fight cavities and preserve many of our patients’ natural teeth for many more years. Contact us today!

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