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"Rush Creek Dentistry provided a professional and comfortable experience that eliminated my fear of the dentist. I have had experiences in other offices that involved unidentified pain during a procedure, a distracted clinician, and disjointed care; however, I did not have any of the listed at Rush Creek. The waiting room was a pleasant, open space with many happy distractions (ie. magazines, wifi); the supporting staff was kind and professional; the text-reminder system was very convenient--everything outside of the procedure itself made me feel at ease. In addition, being 7 months pregnant, I required some exceptional accommodations, and the staff provided seamless coordination of care with other clinicians. Dr. Sater was wonderful from beginning to end. He told me what to expect before, during, and after the procedure; moments of potential discomfort were verbalized to me before the fact; and I felt that he was very thorough and provided me with superior quality of care. I would highly recommend Rush Creek Dentistry and Dr. Sater to anyone seeking excellent dental care."

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- Grace Kim


At Rush Creek Dentistry in Arlington, our dental team reviews with patients the many solutions available to them for aesthetic appearance and oral health. We provide a wide range of general and cosmetic dentistry service which can be used to address many concerns patients have about their smile. When patients are dealing with weakened or broken teeth, they may be told by their dentist that they may benefit from dental crowns. 

Dental crowns are also known as "caps" as they cover all sides of the natural tooth. They are bonded in place over the tooth to provide an extra layer of protection and strength. Dental crowns at Rush Creek Dentistry are fabricated from porcelain, a material known for being strong and beautiful within the smile. They are also matched to the existing natural teeth to integrate into the smile as easily as possible. No patient wants their restorative work to stand out when they smile and talk to others, so matching their restoration to their existing natural teeth is the best way to make cosmetic work look as natural as possible. 

Dental crowns are placed over teeth that are weak or broken. They are also used over dental implants to act as a false tooth. Dental implants are titanium posts which dentists surgically place into the jawbone to act as a tooth replacement, while topping with a dental crown as a false tooth. Dental crowns are incredibly versatile and have been used for years in general and cosmetic dentistry. 

Many patients who are faced with the idea of placing dental crowns often ask about the expected cost of the procedure. This varies due to a number of factors including the size, position, and material of the crown. In order to discuss the average cost of the procedure, patients are encouraged to contact Rush Creek Dentistry to schedule an examination and receive a more appropriate quote for their dental work. Patients may also benefit from having other procedures done at the same time which can affect overall cost. Rush Creek Dentistry also provides discounts for early payment, financing, and can even work with patients' dental insurance companies to determine if part or all of the procedure may be covered by insurance plans.

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