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" Rush Creek Dentistry provided a professional and comfortable experience that eliminated my fear of the dentist. I have had experiences in other offices that involved unidentified pain during a procedure, a distracted clinician, and disjointed care; however, I did not have any of the listed at Rush Creek. The waiting room was a pleasant, open space with many happy distractions (ie. magazines, wifi); the supporting staff was kind and professional; the text-reminder system was very convenient--everything outside of the procedure itself made me feel at ease. In addition, being 7 months pregnant, I required some exceptional accommodations, and the staff provided seamless coordination of care with other clinicians. Dr. Sater was wonderful from beginning to end. He told me what to expect before, during, and after the procedure; moments of potential discomfort were verbalized to me before the fact; and I felt that he was very thorough and provided me with superior quality of care. I would highly recommend Rush Creek Dentistry and Dr. Sater to anyone seeking excellent dental care."

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- Grace Kim


Dental bridges are a common solution for patients in the Arlington area who are dealing with the loss of natural teeth. Bridges are porcelain restorations which are custom-fabricated for patients based off of impressions made of the natural teeth. These impressions are used to create a restoration made from false teeth (pontics) and dental crowns which are fused together to make one long piece. The dentists at Rush Creek Dentistry then bond the bridge onto the adjacent teeth to complete the dental arch and restore function and beauty to the smile. 

The team of Rush Creek Dentistry reviews the benefits of dental bridges for patients who are considering restoring their smile after tooth loss. Bridges are a wonderful alternative to dental implants and full/partial dentures. Most patients are appropriate candidates for the placement of dental bridges, while not everyone is well-suited for dental implants. Dentures are removable, and some patients prefer a more permanent option for replacing their teeth, which makes dental bridges much more desirable than conventional full and/or partial dentures. 

Rush Creek Dentistry is a quality team that works together to offer bridges at an affordable cost for patients who need them. While it can be difficult to give patients a precise quote without a full examination, it can be safe to say that dental bridges are often one of the more affordable solutions to tooth loss. Additionally, our team also works with individuals to develop payment plans. We also offer early payment discounts and can process dental insurance forms to reduce the out-of-pocket expense of dental work even further. 

If you live in or around the Arlington area and have been curious to learn more about dental bridges, dentures, and dental implants, our team can work closely with you to determine which solution is best for your specific needs and desires. Contact Rush Creek Dentistry today to book your consultation appointment with our family-friendly team of professionals and start taking charge of your smile once and for all! Don't let tooth loss make you feel embarrassed or inadequate. Speak to a dentist at Rush Creek Dentistry today!

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