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How can you make dentistry as painless as possible?

Make dentistry as painless as possible

At Rush Creek Dentistry, we firmly believe that dentistry does not have to be painful or unpleasant. We take the following steps to ensure that every patient who comes in can be relaxed, knowing their experience will not be wrought with pain or discomfort.

  • We use nitrous oxide, a mild sedative that is safe for both kids and adults. Breathed in similarly to oxygen, nitrous relaxes patients and lessens pain sensitivity.
  • We offer conscious oral sedation, which puts patients into a very relaxed state during treatment while still being conscious
  • We offer needle-free dentistry, completing many procedures without the use of shots or needles.
  • We offer leading-edge technology, which means treatment times are shorter and more comfortable.

But in addition to those options, we offer something else that sets us apart from other practices: We truly care about our patients. We are also sensitive to their anxiety. Our entire practice operates to make patients as relaxed as possible, from our comfortable waiting room to our exceptional staff.

Taking care of your oral health should be an enjoyable experience. Find out just how pleasant it can be to achieve good oral health by contacting Rush Creek Dentistry, your Arlington, TX dentist.

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