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Damaged a Restoration? We Can Help!

Damaged a Restoration

Though the most common dental emergencies may be problems like a toothache or a dislodged or broken tooth, a damaged restoration can also require immediate care. Restorations are often in place to protect and preserve the structure and health of an already damaged tooth. If the restoration is damaged, this also compromises the already vulnerable tooth or leaves room for other dental problems to occur. As a result, it is important to know a dentist who offers emergency services in Arlington, TX and can fix your restoration as soon as possible.

Rush Creek Dentistry in Arlington provides emergency services for our patients’ emergency dental needs. Our services include being able to deal with a broken restoration in an emergency. Some of the problems you could have with a restoration are the following:

  • Filling that has come out
  • Broken filling
  • Crack or fracture in a tooth from filling
  • Cracked or broken dental crown
  • Veneer that has cracked or fallen off
  • Broken denture
  • Cracked or broken dental bridge
  • Dental implant that is loose, fractured or has fallen out

Since most of these problems don’t immediately damage your teeth and may not cause pain, they may not seem like a big deal. You should still see a dentist as soon as possible if any of these things occur because, as with most things, the sooner you deal with a problem the easier it is to fix. An emergency dentist can help to minimize damage that has occurred to your teeth and relieve pain or sensitivity you may feel. In some cases, the dentist may place a temporary restoration until a permanent solution can be found. Our goal is to reduce any discomfort you may feel and preserve the health of your smile.

As soon as you experience damage to any of your dental restorations or have any other dental emergency, call Rush Creek Dentistry at (682) 323-3299 . We will let you know what you can do to manage your dental emergency and then get you in to our office to see the dentist as soon as possible. 

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