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Is the Cost of Dental Implants Making You Think Twice?

Cost of Dental Implants

If you have lost a tooth or are going to lose a tooth, your dentist has probably walked you through your restoration options. Like most dentists today, your dentist at Rush Creek Dentistry might have recommended dental implants to restore your smile. However, the cost of dental implants in Arlington may be making you hesitate to follow your dentist's recommendation. Here are some of the reasons your dentist may recommend implants over another cheaper restoration. 

First, your dentist has probably had success in providing other patients with dental implants and he knows how happy they are with their implants. Many patients prefer dental implants because they are almost entirely hassle free. Once your implant has been set in place, you can begin to care for it much like the rest of your teeth. You can floss and brush your teeth normally, and you won't need to remove your implant. Implants will also look and feel natural in your smile. All of these benefits and more make patients who receive implants incredibly happy with them. 

Secondly, you should consider dental implants less as an expense and more as an investment in your smile. Although other restorations can also replace a lost tooth and help your smile become functional and beautiful again, implants offer some significant long-term health benefits for your smile. Because they are easily cleaned, you may find it easier to keep your mouth healthy and free of plaque and bacteria. In addition, the fact that implants are integrated into your jawbone to replace a missing tooth's root as well means that they also support your bone and gum structures in a way other restorations cannot. This will all save you on future dental treatment costs that cheaper restorations may lead to in time. You will not need to have your implants routinely replaced, so once the implant has successfully bonded with your jawbone, your tooth should be permanently restored. 

If you are still unsure about whether implants are worth the cost, book another appointment with a dentist at Rush Creek Dentistry today to explore more of your options and discover if implants really are the most economical choice.

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