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Has Cost Caused You to Put Off Your Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Have you been told that it’s time to have your wisdom teeth removed? If you feel like putting off a wisdom tooth extraction in Arlington because of the cost or any other reason, you might want to think again. Though no one likes the idea of tooth extraction, you might find that the rest of your smile may be better off without your wisdom teeth. 

Wisdom teeth actually serve little significant function in your smile, and in many ways, your other teeth may function better without them. Though it is possible that your wisdom teeth will never cause any problems and stay healthy in your smile for years, this is often not the case. When you take the risk of leaving your wisdom teeth to grow in, you may end up experiencing more dental problems later on that will be even more difficult and costly to fix. 

There are quite a few reasons why someone might need to have their wisdom teeth extracted. Your dentist is well aware of all of these possible problems, and this is why he may recommend that you have your wisdom teeth removed before they can cause any of these issues. Here are some of the problems you may experience if you delay your wisdom tooth extraction:

  • An impacted tooth that can lead to infections and cysts or may damage surrounding teeth and even your jawbone
  • Your gums can become infected if you have a partially exposed tooth where a flap of gum has grown over it
  • You can develop gum disease as a result of being unable to clean the tooth and gums properly if you have a partially erupted tooth
  • An impacted tooth may rot or cause other teeth to rot, leading to toothaches

If your dentist has suggested that you have your wisdom teeth extracted, you should strongly consider listening. The longer you wait the more complicated and expensive the surgery may become, so you will find that the cost may actually be less the sooner you have these teeth removed. 

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