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"I love everything about the office. The staff was incredibley nice and helpfull. The doctor was very infomative regarding the treatment i needed. I would definitely recommend to any of my family and friends,"

- Crystal Martinez


When patients want to improve their smiles, they visit a cosmetic dentist in Arlington. The team of Rush Creek Dentistry provides area patients with a variety of cosmetic services to enhance smiles. Using high-quality materials and modern technologies, our team can ensure patients rejuvenate their smile in the most natural-looking way. 

There are numerous cosmetic services provided by the team of Rush Creek Dentistry in Arlington, including: 


Orthodontic treatments are considered by patients who want to realign their teeth. Without undergoing conventional braces, patients can use Six Month Smiles as an alternative. This is an affordable way for patients to realign their smile without unsightly metal wires and brackets covering their teeth. 

Teeth Whitening

A quick way of rejuvenating a dull smile is with teeth whitening. Teeth whitening treatments via a professional dental office such as Rush Creek Dentistry provides stronger, more effective whitening results than over-the-counter alternatives. 


Veneers and Lumineers are restorations used by our practice to cover areas of imperfection. These thin shells of porcelain are bonded over the front of natural teeth for a dramatic change. They are an alternative to dental bonding, orthodontics, and teeth whitening. 

Dental Bonding

Dental bonding uses composite resin as a way of reshaping teeth and covering areas such as breakage and staining. Composite resin is applied to the teeth, shaped over the area of concern, and is hardened with a specialized light. It is then polished to shine and look just like natural tooth enamel for a flawless finish. 


Replacing missing teeth is important for the integrity of the smile. Using bridges, patients can replace missing teeth with a more permanent solution than partial dentures. Bridges are bonded over the surrounding teeth for support and can last several years with appropriate maintenance and regular visits to the dentist for examinations and cleanings. 

Patients in and around the Arlington area are encouraged to contact Rush Creek Dentistry for their general and cosmetic dental needs. Our team welcomes new patients to our practice and we are excited to hear from you!

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