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Choosing the Best Pediatric Dentist for Your Child

Best Pediatric Dentist

Parents in the Arlington area want to take their child to the best pediatric dentist. It can be difficult to determine who is the most qualified when searching the phone book. However, many parents have trusted their children to the kid-friendly practice of Rush Creek Dentistry.

The team at Rush Creek Dentistry has a genuine focus on the dental health and well-being of kids and adults. They are happy to provide services for children as young as six months old, and encourage parents to educate their children on the importance of good oral health care.A baby laughs | kids dentist arlington tx

As soon as a child develops their first baby tooth, the American Dental Association recommends they make their first visit to a family-friendly dentist. The dentists at Rush Creek Dentistry introduce the dental practice, and the dental team to the children, and help a young child feel comfortable in the practice environment. When necessary, the dentist can administer nitrous oxide sedation to relax a child and provide painless dentistry. The practice offers basic examinations, x-rays, and sealants for young children who visit the practice, and provides referrals for orthodontic services when necessary.

Pediatric dentists are reassuring for children who are uneasy in traditional dental environments. Family dentists are happy to see children of all ages, and enjoy working with families and seeing the improvements in oral health that occur when families practice healthy dental regimens. Parents that are educated on their children’s oral health needs are more likely to encourage brushing, flossing, and other dental care techniques that can improve their children’s health and wellbeing. Children who are educated on proper dental care are more likely to care for their teeth as adults, and understand the importance of avoiding periodontal disease. Those introduced to the dental practice early and often are less likely to have dental anxieties and fears as they grow up.

If you are a parent that lives in the Arlington, TX area and are considering a new dentist for your family, look no further than Rush Creek Dentistry. From infants to seniors, we offer treatment for several generations and work hard to improve the oral health of the entire household!

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