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Why Does Early Care Matter for My Child's Oral Health?

When children are young and growing, substantial attention is given to their physical needs. During this time, regular visits to the doctor monitor growth and keep the body healthy. However, there is a common attitude that a child's baby teeth do not require a great deal of care outside of regular oral hygiene at home.

Parents may not put much thought into the effects of their child's “sweet tooth” because primary teeth will eventually fall out. The subconscious thought may be that, once permanent teeth come in, dental care will be taken more seriously. The truth is, proper dental care is a vital aspect of both oral and general health at every age.

The importance of primary teeth

Although it's true that primary teeth are only temporary, these teeth carry a great deal of importance to oral health, both present and future. While your child is living with these temporary teeth, he or she may suffer the consequences of poor oral health in the form of toothaches and even gum disease. We tend to view gum disease as an adult condition, but children still face some degree of risk, especially if oral hygiene is poor.a brother and sister smile | children's dentistry arlington tx

Primary teeth are as important as permanent teeth. These temporary fixtures are a necessary part of growth, holding the place of permanent teeth as they develop beneath the gums. In cases of advanced dental problems in primary teeth, children have faced years of challenges due to the effect on permanent teeth. Had their parents only known the extent to which oral bacteria can impact the mouth, these young people may have experienced a brighter path.

Protecting your child's smile with help from your Arlington children's dentist.

Understanding the impact of oral health on future teeth, you can collaborate with your local pediatric dentist to ensure your child remains happy and healthy. The earlier that children begin to see the dentist on a regular basis, the better their chances of avoiding the common dental problems altogether. At six-month intervals, we are able to monitor the growth of teeth closely, the instance of cavities, and the success of at-home oral hygiene.

We work with parents to supply proper oral hygiene while their children are very young, and offer supportive tips on how to teach children proper brushing and flossing techniques. Our services are provided with gentle hands and a great deal of compassion, seeking to foster positive dental experiences for young patients. As children's teeth continue to grow, we may treat them with sealants or fluoride for added protection against dental diseases.

Dentistry for children is incredibly important. We make dental visits fun and productive. Contact Rush Creek Dentistry to schedule your family's dental check-up.

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