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How Could You Benefit from Professional Teeth Whitening?

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"I've never felt so comfortable and gotten so much attention at a dentist before! Very nice accomodations as well, the office is new and has all kinds of technology. Felt happy taking my kids there and recommending friends. Thanks Doc"

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Men and women in the Bedford, TX area may consider whitening their teeth with over-the-counter methods. Whitening strips, toothpastes, and trays are available at most drugstores and can be easily purchased by patients who want to rejuvenate their smile. However, there are pitfalls to these whitening treatments. Many are not strong enough to provide effective results, while some may cause patients to experience extreme sensitivity. Patients may find they are repeatedly purchasing whitening products but not seeing the results they desire and deserve. This is often the point when dentists in the Bedford, TX area suggest patients consider the benefits of professional grade teeth whitening services. 

Teeth whitening with dentists is a much more effective way of pulling deep stains and discoloration from porous enamel. Some of these stains may be caused by foods, drinks and habits such as smoking or chewing tobacco. Some patients are also predisposed due to hereditary factors. Patients who want to bring a smile from drab to fabulous are encouraged to speak to Dr. Sater of Bedford, TX to discover the benefits of undergoing professional services. 

Teeth whitening with a professional is done with the guidance necessary to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the products. Dr. Sater provides both in-office and take-home whitening trays which are FDA-approved and have been used for years to rejuvenate patient smiles. He loves the ability of the KöR whitening system to provide dramatic results and whiten even the dullest of smiles in just a week or two. Teeth whitening services through a local dentist office has many benefits, including the ability to enjoy professional results and guidance. Many patients find that they spend less on quality dental office whitening than they do for many repeated attempts at lightening the smile with over-the-counter methods. 

If you live in the Bedford, TX area and have considered the benefits of whitening your smile with professional-grade products, contact Dr. Sater and his team today to schedule a consultation visit and examination to determine if professional teeth whitening is the most effective way of enhancing your natural smile! 

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