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An Alternative to Dentures – Snap-On Smile!

Alternative to Dentures

Patients who have an unattractive smile in the Arlington area may be looking for ways to completely rejuvenate it. While there are always extreme methods that patients may have considered, including extracting the teeth and replacing them with dentures, this is often an unnecessary and expensive way of addressing imperfections. Instead, patients are encouraged to speak with a dental professional of Rush Creek Dentistry to learn about alternative solutions to extractions and dentures such as Snap On Smiles.

older couple with snap-on-smileSnap On Smiles is a method of covering the existing teeth quickly and easily with an apparatus that can immediately improve the appearance of the smile. Snap On Smiles are like dentures that disguise the teeth underneath and are easily placed and removed. This dental restoration is often considered by patients who want a beautiful smile at specific times in their lives, including special occasions like weddings and family reunions where their smile needs to look its best. Others may use Snap On Smiles during the day when they are working with clients and coworkers at their job. 

Snap On Smiles are an affordable and effective way of rejuvenating the smile without extensive dental work or expensive restorations such as dentures, bridges, implants, veneers, or other treatments often suggested by dentists for repair of the teeth. Instead, patients can just place the Snap On Smiles appliance over their smile and instantly change their appearance as necessary.

This alternative to other cosmetic restorations is extremely affordable, and the team of Rush Creek Dentistry may suggest it for patients who:

  • Want a fast way to fix numerous problems with their smile
  • Want an affordable way of improving the appearance of their teeth
  • Want a temporary solution to problems while they save up for more extensive cosmetic dental work
  • Want a way to look great in situations that warrant a beautiful smile

If you are interested in learning more about the Snap On Smiles solution, contact Rush Creek Dentistry, a state-of-the-art dental practice that services patients in and around the Arlington area. We welcome new patients to our facility and are interested in helping families improve the beauty and health of their smiles with preventative and cosmetic dentistry.

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