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Worried about Your Blood Pressure? It Might Be Time to Visit Your Dentist

December 26, 2017
Posted By: Rush Creek Dentistry
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Most people know that flossing and brushing regularly will help protect their oral health, but more and more studies are showing that there is a connection between poor oral health and a higher risk of developing chronic health problems. In fact, patients who neglect their mouths might be more vulnerable to conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, and some forms of cancer.

Now there is a new condition to add to the list: hypertension. A new study by the Journal of Periodontology suggests that the inflammation of gum disease could be linked to high blood pressure. The study found that people who did not practice good oral hygiene and who had gum disease were more likely also to have high blood pressure.

If you suspect you might have gum disease, it’s time to see your Arlington, TX dentist to find out if you need gum disease treatment.

Signs You May Have Gum Disease

One of the problems with gum disease is that it is an insidious condition that can sneak up on a person with no symptoms. The only way you can truly know if your gums are healthy is to visit the dentist regularly.

If you do have symptoms of gum disease, you might suffer from any of the following signs:

  • Gums that are red and puffy – inflammation often means that gum disease has been present for a while and is worsening.
  • Gum recession, which leaves more of your tooth root exposed. You might also notice that you are more sensitive to hot and cold beverages because the tooth root is more sensitive.
  • Pockets of pus along the gum line could signal advanced gum disease.
  • Persistent bad breath that won’t go away, even after brushing.

The Dangers of Gum Disease

If your gums are not healthy, neither are your teeth. In addition, you may be putting your overall health at risk. Call your Arlington, TX dentist today to find out if you need gum disease treatment!

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