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What Warrants a Dental Emergency?

December 3, 2018
Posted By: Rush Creek Dentistry

Certain dental problems can be annoying and worrisome - but are they emergencies? A dental emergency is defined as something that can’t wait, which may mean you’re suffering a great deal and may have even been injured. In this case, you should call an emergency dentist in Arlington, TX, right away to determine if you need immediate treatment.

Let’s drill down into several situations to find out which symptoms can wait for a dental appointment and which conditions need immediate attention.


Toothaches of any kind aren’t fun. But a toothache that is simply annoying and somewhat painful can usually wait until normal business hours. However, if you experience excruciating pain or have had an accident or blow to your mouth or jaw, you should call your dentist immediately. Your dentist will give you advice on the next steps, which may include an evaluation in the office.

Injury to Your Mouth or Jaw

If your mouth or jaw is injured, or you have a permanent tooth knocked out or loosened, call your dentist immediately.

Swelling or Bleeding

Any time you have bleeding in your mouth that won’t stop, you should call your emergency dentist in Arlington, TX. Some bleeding can occur after certain dental procedures, but it should stop after a few minutes.

Also, if you have swelling in your mouth or face that is very painful or results from a blow or injury to the mouth or jaw, you should call your dentist right away.

Lost Crown or Filling

Although losing part of your dental work can be stressful and inconvenient, it’s not usually a dental emergency. Call your dentist to schedule an appointment during normal business hours, and we’ll help you get back on track.

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