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Do You Want a Straighter Smile? How Six Months Can Make a Difference

March 24, 2017
Posted By: Rush Creek Dentistry
Six Month Smiles | Arlington TX

If you aren’t happy with your smile because your teeth aren’t straight, you may have thought about braces, but perhaps you were unsure of the long commitment necessary for traditional orthodontics. The good news is that there is an orthodontic option available that can often give you the results of traditional braces—without all the metal.

Talk to your Arlington, TX, dentist about Six Month Smiles and find out if they might be right for you.

What Is Six Month Smiles?

Six Month Smiles is an orthodontic option that gives results much more quickly than traditional braces. It is an ideal treatment for adults who need their front teeth straightened.

Because they focus primarily on those teeth that show when you are talking, laughing, and smiling, the results happen much more quickly than regular braces. This unobtrusive orthodontics option can give you straight teeth in just a few months!

 Reasons to Try Six Month Smiles

Talk to Rush Creek Dentistry about all the advantages of Six Month Smiles, including:

  • Six Month Smiles is more affordable than traditional braces.
  • Six Month Smiles works quickly, so you can have straight teeth for an event that is several months in the future.
  • Six Month Smiles are clear braces, so while you are undergoing treatment, the brackets and wires blend in better with your natural enamel.
  • Six Month Smiles is perfectly safe and the entire process will be overseen by your dentist.

After undergoing treatment, you will notice that:

  • A straight smile can give your self-confidence a huge boost.
  • A straight smile that you love to show off can positively affect your overall well-being.

Find Out More from Rush Creek Dentistry

Teeth that are gapped, uneven, or crooked will be a distant memory after undergoing this effective orthodontics treatment. Call your Arlington, TX, dentist about Six Month Smiles.





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