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Six Month Smiles vs Traditional Braces

October 9, 2018
Posted By: Rush Creek Dentistry
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If you are looking to align your smile more quickly than can be achieved through traditional metal braces, the Six Month Smiles treatment in our Arlington, TX office may be right for you.

While Six Month Smiles and traditional braces do share some similarities -- such as straightening your teeth through brackets and wires -- the two treatment programs have several distinct differences.

Generally speaking, Six Month Smiles is an orthodontic treatment specifically designed to be faster and simpler than the average set of braces. Which treatment is right for you will depend on your age, the structure of your mouth and your overall orthodontic goals. Our caring Arlington, TX team can help you determine the best course of treatment during a personalized consultation. 

A few of the major differences between Six Month Smiles and traditional metal braces are outlined below:

Age of Patients:

Traditional braces are usually available to patients of any age and are considered ideal in the early years of puberty, roughly ages 10 - 13, when the jaw is still forming. Six Month Smiles, however, is designed specifically for full-grown adult jaws. Six Month Smiles is typically not recommended for patients under the age of 16 and tends to be a more popular option for older adults

Intensity of Treatment:

Thanks to advancements in orthodontic technology over recent years, traditional braces now have the ability to correct a whole host of difficult, complex placement problems. Six Month Smiles is designed specifically to correct only minor cosmetic issues and is not considered ideal for patients with moderate or severe overcrowding or unique alignment concerns 

Treatment Cost:

While specific costs for every treatment vary within the dental industry, the Six Month Smiles program is typically cheaper than traditional braces due to the significantly shorter length of treatment. Fewer dental appointments and less overall time wearing the wires means Six Month Smiles is often the better choice for patients on a budget

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