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Don't Let Your Smile Fade! Keep It Fresh with These Tips

October 13, 2017
Posted By: Rush Creek Dentistry
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After you’ve had your teeth professionally whitened at your Arlington, TX dentist, you probably wonder why you waited so long to have the treatment. Chances are you are smiling more than ever these days, happy to show off a smile that has gone from drab to dazzling. You might even be taking better care of your teeth because you are so thrilled with the way they look.

What can you do to keep your pearly whites as bright as possible? Let’s take a look at ways you can keep your smile fresh after you have had your teeth professionally whitened.

Use Our At-Home Whitening Kits

After you have received in-office teeth whitening treatment, we recommend you take home our custom whitening trays. These custom trays along with our whitening gel will enable you to touch up your smile whenever needed. Let us know when you need additional whitening gel.

Steer Clear of Bad Habits

Although the natural shade of your teeth is related to genetics, there are plenty of bad habits that can contribute to staining and yellowing of teeth. After you have had your teeth professionally whitened, you can prolong the effects of the treatment by avoiding beverages and foods that can stain your teeth. Coffee, tea, and red wine are three of the biggest culprits. And if you do indulge, be sure to rinse your mouth thoroughly after consumption.

Smoking and tobacco use are not only unhealthy for your entire body, but they will stain your teeth. Kick the tobacco habit to help keep your teeth whiter and brighter.

Practice Good Home Care

People who are happy with their smiles tend to take better care of their teeth, so be sure to brush and floss regularly. If you keep your teeth clean, that can help prevent additional staining, meaning your whitening treatment will last that much longer.

Find out more about professional teeth whitening in Arlington, TX, and ask about tips on how to ensure your results last. Call us today!

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