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How Rush Creek Dentistry Fosters a Positive Cycle of Multi-Generational Health

August 17, 2018
Posted By: Luke Garlock
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Living in Arlington, Texas, we are fortunate to have access to quality health care organizations. Our team at Rush Creek Dentistry has built its reputation on benchmark-setting, family-centric care, evidenced by the many personal reviews we have received from happy patients. 

We want to be your dentist of choice in the Mansfield area. 

Breaking down the barriers

If you are scared to visit us, we’re not offended. One in five people have a form of dental anxiety or phobia frequently cited in studies as a leading reason people avoid the dentist. It’s such a problem that the University of Washington launched a Dental Fears Research Clinic. 

Dentistry-related anxiety is very real. Conditions become so painful that people end up at the ER -- agony and steep costs that could have been avoided by visiting Rush Creek Dentistry. 

Giving you the tools

Many patients mention how comfortable we made them feel. Another commonality is education. We inform our patients about procedures and health “maintenance” to prevent the need for more treatments. We know we can’t be with patients 24-7. We empower and encourage good oral hygiene practices. 

The entire family should be empowered through education. We know how to talk to the littlest patients, as we want them to associate the dentist with happy features – friendly staff, family-friendly TV programming and video games, and an area for play while they wait. 

Breaking the cycle

We can’t change the factors that are in your genes, but we can stop an unhealthy family legacy of avoiding the dentist for years. If your mom or grandmother avoided treatment altogether out of fear, dentists probably evoke intensely negative emotions in you, too. 

Part of instilling a good association with the dentist comes with making you as a parent feel at ease. Inside, after all, you may still be that scared child – white knuckling it at the first sound of the dentist’s drill. 

Various forms of sedation to calm you down safely, combined with our friendly staff and environment, go a long ways to make the experience as pleasant as possible. Sedation may range from “laughing gas” lasting through the appointment to stronger, conscious oral sedation that still allows you to be functional. 

We employ a number of other techniques to minimize the number of dental visits – from sealants to protect the back teeth that little ones have a hard time brushing, to needle-free, no-shot dentistry and sedation methods that allow for maximum treatments at each visit while reducing discomfort. 

We like to earn your positive reviews. Call (682) 323-3299 to schedule an appointment.

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