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Protect Your Teeth This Summer

June 26, 2019
Posted By: Rush Creek Dentistry
Young football player wearing a mouth guard

Sports can be an excellent way to enjoy the warm summer weather. Whether you play on a summer softball team or simply enjoy shooting hoops at the park, there are plenty of ways to incorporate athletics into your summer schedule. However, sports injuries can present a significant danger to unprotected teeth. Wearing a mouth guard while participating in both organized and backyard sports is an easy way to protect your teeth in case you are hit in the mouth by a ball, another player, other equipment, or the ground. 

What Is a Mouth Guard? 

mouth guard is a clear cover that is placed over your teeth in order to protect your teeth. While it is possible to purchase a stock mouth guard at a sporting goods store or a drugstore, we recommend being fitted for a custom mouth guard by your dentist. Custom mouth guards fit better, are often covered by insurance, and offer a higher level of protection.   

Why Should I Wear It?

All athletes who participate in contact sports should always wear mouth guards during practices and games to prevent severe tooth injuries. In many cases, wearing a mouth guard can also benefit athletes who participate in non-contact sports. In addition, mouth guards can be beneficial for patients who tend to grind their teeth, particularly at night. In both cases, mouth guards can prevent significant damage to teeth, such as chips or cracks, a worn tooth enamel, or even knocked out teeth. 

Am I a Candidate for One?

All athletes should consider wearing a mouth guard to prevent serious damage to their teeth. Patients with certain dental health issues, such as the tendency to grind their teeth, may also be good candidates for mouth guards. 

How Do I Care for My Mouth Guard? 

Be sure to clean your mouth guard with either soap and water or mouthwash before and after each use, and store the mouthguard in a protective case when you are not wearing it. 


At Rush Creek Dentistry, we care about helping our patients avoid tooth injuries while having fun in the sun. Contact us today to be fitted for your custom mouth guard!

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