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Professional Teeth Whitening: Worth the Investment

March 21, 2019
Posted By: Rush Creek Dentistry
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With all the teeth whitening agents available at your local grocery store, why would you consider getting your teeth whitened in the dentist's chair? While at-home DIY teeth whitening gels, pastes, trays, and strips sound like a money-saving solution to a brighter smile, you should still consider professional teeth whitening. Here are just a few reasons why.

Your Tooth Enamel is Put at Risk

Most at-home teeth whitening kits contain hydrogen peroxide and abrasive agents which can wear out tooth enamel over time. Once tooth enamel is lost, it cannot be brought back.

When you scrape away at your tooth enamel with at-home whitening toothpaste and other tools, the rough surface of your enamel actually makes it easier for your teeth to become stained again. Rather than put your healthy teeth at risk to save a few dollars on whitening treatments, visit your dentist for this cosmetic procedure. 

Your Results Won't Last

No matter how positive the results are with DIY teeth whitening, your results won't last long. This is especially the case if you continue to expose your teeth to staining agents like tea, coffee, tomato sauce, and other staining products.

The money you'll invest in constantly keeping your teeth whiter will add up. It's best to visit your dentist periodically for a single whitening treatment that will last longer and keep your teeth healthier in the process.

Your Results Won't Be the Best

When you get your teeth whitened at home, you can experience a malady of unsavory results. Your gums can get bleached accidentally, your teeth may not get to the white shade you want, or worse: your teeth may become unevenly whitened, which will make your discolored tooth condition even more noticeable.

If you have a dental crown, veneers, or other dental work, teeth whitening won't work on treated areas. Visit our dental professionals at Rush Creek Dentistry instead for your cosmetic dental needs. Contact us to set an appointment today.

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