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Does My Back Molar Need to Be Replaced After Extraction?

January 31, 2019
Posted By: Rush Creek Dentistry

If you are facing the reality of tooth extraction, you might be wondering about tooth replacement. Even if you are getting a back molar extracted, which from an aesthetic standpoint might not seem like such a big deal, you should still plan on replacing that missing tooth.

Dr. Rami Sater of Rush Creek Dentistry in Arlington, TX advises patients to have any tooth replaced after extraction. Replacing a missing tooth will improve your chewing function—and it will go a long way in protecting your remaining teeth.

Reasons to Replace a Missing Back Molar

Many people think that having a back molar extracted is no big deal; after all, most people won’t even realize a tooth is missing. But replacing a missing tooth is not always about aesthetics. A missing tooth puts your healthy teeth at risk.

When there is a space left by a missing tooth, your healthy teeth begin to shift to fill in that space. This causes a domino effect of problems. Once your teeth begin shifting, your bite will be out of alignment, and you will unduly wear down your teeth when you chew. You might even start to have trouble with the chewing process itself. Soon you might find yourself avoiding your favorite healthy foods, which can cause a decline of your overall wellbeing.

Options for Replacing a Missing Back Molar

A dental implant is the best option for replacing a tooth missing in the back of your mouth. Dental implants are a permanent restoration that will restore your ability to chew. Because implants are integrated into the jawbone, it will also protect your bone health. A dental implant will also keep the rest of your teeth from moving to fill in the space left by your extracted tooth.

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