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What Foods & Drinks Your Children Should Be Consuming

June 28, 2019
Posted By: Rush Creek Dentistry
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It's not a secret that some foods and drinks are better for our teeth than others. The same goes for children who are still losing their baby teeth and getting their adult teeth. Providing children with a healthy diet combined with proper oral health care can help ensure that they don't have issues with anything from gingivitis to tooth decay or rot while they develop a beautiful, confident smile that they will carry right into adulthood.

Foods to Eat & Their Dental Health Benefits:

Foods that help keep children's oral health in order should be promoted and fed to children daily. Some of these foods include:

  • Fruits (such as fresh apples)
  • Vegetables (crunchy carrots)
  • Dark leafy greens (a whole variety)
  • Nuts (a variety)
  • Legumes (aka beans - a whole variety is appropriate)
  • Low-fat dairy products (low-fat yogurt or cheeses)

These foods are healthful for teeth as some offer ways to help clean your teeth, and others offer calcium to help build your child's teeth up. These can get made into fun snacks that your child enjoys eating!

Foods to Avoid & How They Negatively Affect Your Teeth:

Just as the above choices are good for a child's health, the following foods can be considered "detrimental" to their oral health and should get eliminate accordingly: 

  • Processed carbohydrates (loaded in sugars)
  • Hard candies
  • Sugary gum (choose its no-sugar-added counterpart for a healthier alternative)
  • Desserts (cookies, cake, pie, etc.)

These foods are rich in sugars and other agents that will break down the enamel on your teeth and leave your child's teeth susceptible to tooth decay and rot in the future.

Drinks to Drink & Their Dental Benefits For Your Teeth:

What you allow your children to sip on throughout the day can be equally important to what they nibble on. The following are some wise choices that can help keep your child hydrated without harming their oral health:

  • Water (plain water has no added sugars or other fake sweeteners and is plain and natural as it gets)
  • Low-fat milk
  • Herbal teas

These are some of the safer drinks that your child can consume without causing any long-term or bad effects on their teeth.

Drinks to Drink & They're How They Negatively Affect Your Teeth:

Of course, on the other hand, there are drinks that you should avoid letting your children consume in vast or large amounts as they can cause rot and decay of the teeth over time. Some of these drinks include the following:

  • Sodas or other artificially flavored drinks (i.e., Kool-Aids, fruit punches, etc.)
  • Iced teas/lemonades
  • Sugary juices

Consuming these drinks in excess can help contribute not only to poor oral health such as tooth rot or decay but can also contribute to obesity, even in younger children. 

Professional Nutritional Counseling:

Many dentists provide nutritional counseling to help patients take better care of their teeth. Seeking such services can help not only your child, but also you eat more healthfully, obtain better oral health, and even help you maintain a healthy weight/lifestyle by providing your body with the nutrients it needs.


At Rush Creek Dentistry, we are here to help serve our patients in any way we can. If you feel that you and your family need nutrition counseling or oral health services for your children, please feel free to contact us today.

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