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Fluoride: What It Is and How It Benefits Your Teeth

March 27, 2019
Posted By: Rush Creek Dentistry
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Fluoride is a natural substance found in the earth. It is actually a mineral and is usually found occurring in varying amounts in your home's tap water supply and other resources.

Fluoride is commonly associated with dental care and overall oral hygiene. Learn more about fluoride and why this mineral is so beneficial to your dental health.

What is Fluoride Made Of?

Fluoride is a mineral, as mentioned above, and is found in the earth's crust. The mineral is inorganic and is found naturally in many things: the soil, foods you eat daily, the water you drink, and other resources.

Is Fluoride Safe?

The FDA approves three main forms of fluoride for consumption and overall health: sodium fluoride, stannous fluoride, and sodium monofluorophosphate, otherwise known as MFP.

These are the types of fluoride you'll see in your common store-bought toothpaste. In smaller quantities, fluoride is considered to be both safe for the body and beneficial to overall health.

How Does Fluoride Benefit You?

Fluoride, though not meant to be consumed in large doses, is often deliberately put into municipal water supplies and is recommended in dental practices as part of overall dental health. The reason why is this: fluoride has been tested to reliably reduce the number of cavities and enamel erosion in many people when used in a regular dental health regimen or consumed in traditional drinking water.

An ion in fluoride works to actively protect the teeth against decay by preventing certain bacteria from penetrating and damaging teeth. Furthermore, fluoride can work to improve enamel durability and is often used in the remineralization of worn or rapidly declining tooth enamel. You likely have even received fluoride treatments as a child for your growing teeth.

Learn More About the Benefits of Flouride

Used properly and consistently, fluoride has a healthy place as part of your oral care routine. Our dental team at Rush Creek Dentistry is here to serve you; contact us today for your oral health needs.

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