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How We Detect Cavities (Using Lasers!)

May 20, 2017
Posted By: Rush Creek Dentistry
Cavities and Dental Cleanings | Lewisville TX

You're enjoying your favorite treat, an ice cream shake, when suddenly there's painful twinge in your tooth! You try another sip, and again, then sensitivity hits you. This can't be good, you think, and sure enough it's confirmed at your dentist that your tooth is indeed decayed.

What if you'd known about that decay before it caused you pain? Laser dentistry in Arlington, TX can detect decay in its very early stages so you can enjoy your shakes with no discomfort!

Laser Cavity Detection

Using a tool called DIAGNOdent, Dr. Sater is able to detect tooth decay very early on, even when it may be hiding under the surface of your enamel. The laser will scan your tooth and use concentrated light to detect any decay that may be lurking unseen with just an examination. This not only delivers more accuracy when diagnosing treatment needs, it also allows you to treat your tooth much earlier with less invasive procedures.

The Benefits of Early Detection

In the world of dentistry, many dental issues can develop without much pain or very many symptoms in the early stages. Conditions such as tooth decay or gum disease tend not to cause much pain until the situation is very advanced. Laser dentistry allows us to help you detect tooth decay early on so you can treat it with a simple filling. Tooth decay that's untreated and allowed to progress can lead to further damage to your tooth and nerve and could eventually even result in tooth loss.

Preventative Care

Dr. Sater knows that prevention is the key to achieving and then maintaining optimum oral health. Laser dentistry is an aspect of our preventative services that allows us to provide even more accurate and precise treatment diagnosis. Our goal is to help you achieve a beautiful and healthy smile for a lifetime, and DIAGNOdent helps us do this.

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