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Celebrity smile treatment: Faith Hill wears braces

March 17, 2016
Posted By: Rush Creek Dentistry
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Faith Hill, America's favorite country-pop crooner (also known as the voice of NBC's Sunday Night Football intro song) is the latest celebrity to discover that braces can be fast and discreet. She recently flashed her signature smile at the Grammy Awards, with a bit of orthodontic bling.

Hill joins famous names like Tom Cruise, Khloe and Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry, and Emma Stone who made the important investment in their careers and self-image by seeking straighter teeth.

Today, braces aren't just for kids. Adults have some fantastic options to improve alignment quickly and discreetly, like Six Month Smiles.

This method utilizes clear brackets and wires that are colored to match your teeth. Most people won't even realize you are straightening unless they are very close. Patients adapt quickly to speaking, eating, and caring for teeth while in Six Month Smiles.

Every case is different, but typically teeth that are readily visible are brought into alignment in just about six months. The secret to Six Month Smiles isn't forcing teeth into position with great pressure. Instead, the system focuses on teeth that show when you speak, smile, and laugh, moving them into straight alignment with a special type of wire that applies gentle influence. (Please note that Six Month Smiles may not be appropriate for severely crooked teeth or significant bite problems.)

Even if you had your teeth straightened as a child, like Faith Hill did, your mouth changes over time and teeth shift. Six Month Smiles is a realistic solution for adult patients to re-discover their gorgeous smiles, in about the span of time between routine dental checkups.

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