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The Benefits of Gentle Dentistry

November 27, 2016
Posted By: Dr. Rami Sater
The Benefits of Gentle Dentistry | Rush Creek Dentistry

Whether or not you suffer from dental fear or anxiety, the dentist is not typically everyone's favorite place to visit. For those with fears, it may be even harder to get to those appointments. Rush Creek Dentistry has solutions for you however, and you'll notice our focus on gentle dentistry right away when you choose to work with Dr. Rami Sater. Your dentist in Arlington, TX discusses how we provide gentle dentistry to our patients.

Single Tooth Anesthesia

Dr. Sater uses advanced technology called the VibraJect to administer local anesthetic. This tool uses a soft gentle vibration to deliver a comfortable injection that you don't even feel. It helps patients relax by eliminating the most stressful part of the appointment for some, which is the anesthetic injection.

Sedation Dentistry

For our patients who need extra assistance relaxing during their dental procedures, we offer options for dental sedation. Unfortunately, dental fear and anxiety often keeps patients from receiving much needed treatment, and sedation helps patients relax so they can receive the care they need.

We use nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, to help patients feel at ease during many different types of procedures from a cleaning, to more complex procedures such as root canal therapy. Nitrous is a breathable gas administered through a mask worn during your procedure. It works quickly to help you feel comfortable, and because it leaves your system just as quickly, you'll be able to drive after your appointment and resume your normal daily activities. Nitrous is also safe for children to use.

For patients who require a deeper sedation, we use oral sedation. This is administered through a pill that Dr. Sater prescribes and you take one hour prior to your procedure. While you're still conscious and responsive, you may feel like you're sleeping and you'll have little to memory of your procedure. Oral sedation is ideal for patients who have multiple procedures to complete during one appointment.

No matter what type of treatment you may require, you'll find that at Rush Creek Dentistry your comfort is our top priority. Give us a call today to schedule your next appointment and learn more about us.

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